Monday, 23 May 2011

Tried & Tested

Hi Guys, I dont know if many of you are familiar with make-up Guru Little Kiva on youtube? I am a devoted subscriber since she uploaded her first few videos and I find her amazing!
She is your personal tried-and-tester, reviewing products such as Mac, Inglot, E.L.F cosmetics and jewelry site Etsy, aswell as sharing tips and treatments with her subscribers.

LOVE LOVE her shes full of exciting new ideas and is a genuine girl who gives her opinion on pretty much everything!!

Anyways, being a bit of a cynic myself I tend to always stick to the brands of make-up that i've always relied on and generally thought, the cheaper the product, the worst the product. And so i stuck to my €33 a pop usual wayyy to expensive Mac studio fix pressed powder!!
Little Kiva did a review on an exact replica of this powder from the cosmetic online site e.l.f (eyeslipsface) for a bargain of €3.50!!!!
Actually could not believe it! The coverage is perfect and stays matte perfect all day. So i went ahead and ordered in the lightest colour Porcelain heres a picture and a swatch

Video of initial review by little kiva herself

Little Kiva is such a doll and her advice really pays off as I am now en e.l.f convert! There is an alternative to MAC for you Ladies who love a bargain ;) will deffo not bore a hole in your pocket, well worth it!!

My MATIFIED face thanks to e.l.f pressed powder in Porcelain ;)

Please follow for more reviews and tips dolls ;)

Much loves xx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

There is no beauty without strangeness

Alexander McQueen - Genius, Skull enthusiast

So i have this passion, wee bit of an obsession yeah?

SKULLS baby i absolutely adore them, crave them, live for them!!!
Never ever go out of fashion huh? Neverr..

Here is just a snippet of my skull collection!
This necklace is from River Island and was only €8.90, dead bargain, absolutely love it. It goes perfect with a low cut top to take aware that 'bare' chest look. So pretty, pendants of a flower, skull, diamond and horseshoe devided by knots and gold attachments.

Next is my favourite thing since Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough. I'm Serious.. Havent taken this top
off since I bought it. So simple to team with any outfit, wether its with a leather jacket, shorts and black tights going shopping or with a black skirt, gold accessories and black ankle boots on a night out as modelled by ME :) Even wore it to bed one night, soooo comfy hehee...

My favourite piece of jewelry, also very skullish and also from Topshop, can you see a pattern here?!! High five for High street!!! €18?? amaazzeee

If you havent heard of Chelsea Doll, you havent lived. Or you are living under a rock in a dark cave. Their collections of jewelry range from fabulous floral to stunning bridal collections, aswell as, wait for it.. A SKULLERY!! Totally in love with this site for its gorgeous vintage cameo necklaces and its bold, statement rings. An order will be made tonight :)
A few of my faves atm are :

Much loves ♡