Saturday, 21 May 2011

There is no beauty without strangeness

Alexander McQueen - Genius, Skull enthusiast

So i have this passion, wee bit of an obsession yeah?

SKULLS baby i absolutely adore them, crave them, live for them!!!
Never ever go out of fashion huh? Neverr..

Here is just a snippet of my skull collection!
This necklace is from River Island and was only €8.90, dead bargain, absolutely love it. It goes perfect with a low cut top to take aware that 'bare' chest look. So pretty, pendants of a flower, skull, diamond and horseshoe devided by knots and gold attachments.

Next is my favourite thing since Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough. I'm Serious.. Havent taken this top
off since I bought it. So simple to team with any outfit, wether its with a leather jacket, shorts and black tights going shopping or with a black skirt, gold accessories and black ankle boots on a night out as modelled by ME :) Even wore it to bed one night, soooo comfy hehee...

My favourite piece of jewelry, also very skullish and also from Topshop, can you see a pattern here?!! High five for High street!!! €18?? amaazzeee

If you havent heard of Chelsea Doll, you havent lived. Or you are living under a rock in a dark cave. Their collections of jewelry range from fabulous floral to stunning bridal collections, aswell as, wait for it.. A SKULLERY!! Totally in love with this site for its gorgeous vintage cameo necklaces and its bold, statement rings. An order will be made tonight :)
A few of my faves atm are :

Much loves ♡

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  1. Oh gosh I LOVE Chelsea Doll so much, only just discovered it I agree I love the Skullery collection!