Thursday, 9 May 2013

Crochet Cray


It is an absolute must have staple for Summer time and has been seen on so many fashion peeps lately such as Vanessa Hudgens whose style is just so relaxed but so trendy I absolutely love her!

Crochet is so versatile and really popular during the festival season, and is gorgeous with frayed denim shorts and a floppy hat or a floral crown (obsession atm!) and simple sandals! It is not always people's cup of tea as it is more often than not, see through! Many girls worst nightmare, but I think it is really easy to pull off during the summer time over bikinis, maxi dresses and bandeau tops.

ASOS currently have some amazing pieces featured in their Crochet Village collection which I stumbled upon recently.
I love that ASOS keep so up-to-date with
trends and have pieces that suit everyones body type! Below are some of the items that are currently in my
saved items on ASOS 


This jumper is perfectly styles here with cute black shorts
and edgy rose gold jewellery. Such a simple outfit 
but really stands out! 

Vest//€39.39//also in white & olive

Again, styled with a really festival vibe, the floral 
headband and colourful bracelets go perfectly
together with this crochet vest. For a night-time look, this would look great paired with a maxi skirt, a pair of wedges and some statement drop earrings or this cute coin and feather hairband


Arrow Earrings//ASOS//€7.88

Tassle Earring//ASOS//€23.63

Lastly is my favourite item and it is this stunning crochet midi dress that I adore! Also available in black, it is my
perfect idea of a summer dress either for a holiday 
or a special occassion beacuse it can be styled
in so many different ways!

Midi dress//€59.09

To keep with the festival style, I think that this headband would complete the look because it is a statement piece in itself and
just looks so cool!


Cant rave enough about Crochet and the hippie/boho trend as
it comes around every summer so these pieces would
definately be a long term investment!

✌ Adios


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  1. I'm so in love with crochet!
    Love the head chain too :)