Monday, 27 May 2013

Chill ☮


With all this free time I have lately now that I am finished college until September, I really love having the time to 
do things I actually enjoy doing without any stress or rush. I love to just spend a whole day reading, or sometimes
I am in the mood to write so I write s**tloads of blogposts!
When we are busy with something that consumes all of
our time and energy, we forget what we
enjoy doing for 'fun' and fun becomes going out and getting drunk  to most college students! That is all well & good I actually  love a good night out too! 

But I do have lots of other interests that get pushed to the side while I am studying and now is the perfect time to catch up on these things and just enjoy my time off because people
don't take enough time to themselves!!
One thing I love and appreciate so much is interior design. I love when I walk into a room and I feel at home. People sometimes underestimate the influence that spaces have on moods and feelings, which is why when I eventually find a place of my own, I really want to make it my own and not a carbon copy of what everyone considers what a home should look like!

As a follow up to my last post I have been collecting more
pictures of home decor and ideas according to my own personal
taste, and what my taste seems to be is an
amalgamation of so many different textures, cultures and colours that are so vibrant, yet placed on a very simplistic, neutral
backdrop to really give it emphasis! Here are the images I found and loved! 

Thank you for checking in :)



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