Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wake up & Live


I am sitting here with a mug of green tea, making myself drink it  to cancel out the vodka from last night! Still craving a subway like crazy right now, and a Yop ♥ 

Anyways, its Study time for me this week but studying is the last thing on my mind at the minute, lacking the motivation to get out of bed & make myself brekkie never mind study Psychology notes!
Because I've just mad plans with one of my best friends to go visit her in July in her home country,

So happy to set plans in motion & its good to have things like travvelling to look forward to! I am lucky to have such an amazing friend to be invited
to stay at her house and have a wicked time going out and exploring, as I have my own personal tour guide ;) It's really such a great opportuinity as travelling & holidaying can be so expensive mainly because of accomodation costs, so I am so grateful, and I will make sure to bring some Irish presents to her family as a thank you token  Maybe some turf??!!

I am so happy & positive these last few days and I really want to keep it that way, as we all know the stress involved with exams
which really effects me sometimes in ways I cant
stand, but I have that one person who keeps me sane 

Now to go job-hunting, SUPER!!!

"There is only one success - to spend your life in your own way." - Christopher Morley 


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