Monday, 20 May 2013



So you may have gathered from previous posts that I am pretty
fond of the holographic trend thats ahappenin'
lately! I don't know what it is but
I just love the whole holographic, irridescent, oil-slickeffect

whether its clothes, shoes, bags or
make-up!! It's so eye catching and in your face, but it can 
also just add the right amount of edgy
to a relatively plain outfit! 

As always, I am an avid tumblr user (addict), so I am always
coming across cool pictures and outfit ideas that
inspire me to write these posts & share my interests, because my Tumblr really is a perfect representation
of my style interests so take a look here :)

Here is a sample of the amazingness that tumblr has to offer
when it comes to holographic-ness 

I'm sure this craze will pass pretty quickly as does everything
else eventually, but for now its such a guilty pleasure for me, as I know it isn't everyones cuppa!

Below are some pieces I have found if your love of hologram
is as dear as mine and you need to
have it in your wardrobe 

The holographic sandals pictured here are actually the exact sandals as pictured in the last photo above, which I would adore, but they come with an extra heft price
tag somewhere in the hundreds which I could not justify on a pair of sandals especially in Irish weather I just would nto get the use out of them. The last three items all come from Nastygal, so unless you dont mind the shipping fees from America they have gorgeous pieces on there!

On the other hand, the Miista shoes, retailing at around €160-€180 depending on where you get them, I have been adoring & wanting for ages as I would get the wear out of them any season!! They are ridiculously priced but then again they are amazing, but yes totally overpriced! They are available from Folkster &

The tracksuit pants with the holographic stripe from ASOS I think are really cool and perfect for lounging around but still feeling stylish ;)

Hope your Monday wasn't painful girlies, mine certainly
wasn't as I spent it relaxing and cooking
food for myself and stuffing my face all day! Perks
of living back at home!!



  1. I love all of these, I love holographic everything! :)

  2. Awh i know, trying so hard to get my hands on the Miista brogues I'm in love!! :)