Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I Wanna be a Hippy


One thing I love and have always loved doing is decorating and redecorating my room! I love kitschy, unique things that
add warmness and colour to a room, so I
am always picking up candles, postcards, magazine cuttings,
wall hangings and saving tickets from my travels as well as souvenirs to place around my room and remind me of all those times!

I am really into tie-dye and hippy-ish decor as well as 
really simplistic but edgy styles like crochet,
velvet and embroidery.

I take much of my inspiration from Arabian textiles as they are so vibrant and intricate! Tumblr is full of amazing pictures that inspire me everyday to change around my room and look
for cool pieces so these are a few of the pictures I have saved over time which I will use to decorate my future house I am sure 

WARNING picture heavy!! :)

Some of these rooms look hella crazy and have a lot going on!! but there are details from each of these pictures that
I just love, like the curtains draping over the bed and windows and the ridiculous amount of cushions!! I also would love to have
lots and lots of books as you can see!!

I really think that to be happy with your surroundings you have to make them your own.
I know myself that I feel most calm when I am surrounded by lots of comfy cushions, blankets, dim lights, candles & a cup of tea and some insence burning so my room
is smelling nice!

I would definately dream of being an interior designer if I had pursued the line of textiles and design,
but as I study English in college I can see designing being a hobby more than a career, which I am totally happy with! 

I love good vibes 


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