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Life faves


So I came across this idea of an A-Z favourites from BlockThirtyOne blog and though I would give it a go, but doing all of my 26 alphabetical faves in one post rather than daily mini posts, so Imma try do this
best I can but there is a hella lot of stuff to show here so grab a cuppa and I hope you like these things as much as I do, or at least will give them a try after reading this!


I love wearing Anklets, I think they are such a pretty and dainty accessory and also very Spanish! I am always wearing different colour anklets and I roll up my jeans usually as I like that look, so the anklet can be seen! And they are so so cheap, particularly the ones you can get in 
stalls in any spanish town! I don't really like the silver or chain ones, more so these type :) Also love choker necklaces and I am usually always wearing one, feel naked without these tow pieces of jewelry!

Photos c/o tumblr


Brownies. That is all.


My love for candles has to be mentioned here! I just love all types of candles and scents because they add such a nice atmosphere to any room. I think I get this from my Mam because there are always candles lighting in the bathroom
or in the living room and the house smells so fresh and so clean clean ;) Yankee candles are obv the best but a bit pricey
so I sometimes just get the mini little one for €1.50 on a burner with a little tealight underneath and they last for ages.
My fave ones are True Rose, White Gardenia,
Fluffy Towels and Baby Powder. I love colour drip candles too
are they not just the coolest things!
Below is my picture of a colour drip candle that I bought in Chicago in an old green bottle and I just love
how it looks in my room!


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is a perfume that I have always 
admired on other people as it is such a unique and powerful scent. It is a mix between flowery and fruity I think is my way of describing it!! It is nicest when it has been worn for a couple of hours as it is a bit too strong for me when first sprayed, but is very fresh and clean-smelling as the day goes on so it has replaced my usual everyday favourite perfume which was River Island's Chic which I have been wearing
for years and still love it! But I think they have stopped making it now which kinda sucks :(


So much love for Frank Ocean. The man can do no wrong.


Baggy Grey jumpers and loose tops are the number one essential for me! Something about the neutral, non-busy grey tone on clothing just
always appeals to me becuae if clothing is kept simple, it can be jazzed up with jewellery and make-up so I always keep my tones nice and simple. I have so many plain jumpers that I love throwing on with trackie and pj bottoms during the day lounging around at home, and sticking  on a pair of black jeans and cons if I am leaving the house! So quick and simple!

Grey cropped jumper//River Island//£10 on sale!

Grey top//Boohoo//€15

Grey Marl jumper//Boohoo//€22


Like always, the hippie inside me comes out when it comes to accessories and bags and I love collecting Hobo bags! Probably
not the best of names but you know what I mean, slouchy, market bags that are made of cottony material... Love this one
I found on eBay that is going to be a birthday present :)



Jennifer Lawrence has by far been my favourite actress and girl hottie this past few weeks as I keep seeing her on either the Daily Mail or on tumblr and I have to say, she is just stunning! Like WOW! This may also be due to the fact that I have watched the X-Men First Class movie like four times in the last 
two weeks and she is amazing as Mystique/Raven. And no, I haven't and won't see the Hunger Games, just not my kind of
series or movie! But I am sure she is fab in that too!!


Kimono's are definately here on my faves as I love how they look
and how they can make an outfit so relaxed looking, as
sometimes I refuse to wear jackets, especially
denim or other rough materials as they make me look so bulky and take away from the outfit underneath! Kimono's are great to just throw on and instantly look stylish! Gonna try get my hands on one or two really nice ones, preferably frayed ones because I love that whole rugged look! Picked out a few possibilities here!
Cardigan Kimono//ASOS//€53
Fringed Kimono//ASOS//€63.62
Hindu print Kimono//Stradivarius//€27.95

Kimono//River Island//£90- bit on the expensive side :O


Most expensive favourite on here by a mile and one that I don't own but very much like to look at & will hopefully one day own my own pair are Louboutins. These shoes are without a doubt
on every girls wishlist, but I do not see me owning a pair
of these babies in the near future, unless I win the lotto, which is probably my most used phrase! My fave by far are the neon yellow loubs for obvious reasons. Just. To. Die. For.


Milky Way Crispy Rolls, Milk & Madeira cake 


Currently obsessed with anything that is Neon yellow at the minute! Looks so good with a tan and plain block colours like black or white! You either love it or hate it and I adore it! 


Opal Rings are just the prettiest things? 
They can be very fine and expensive if you want to splash out for a special birthday or Xmas, but they can also be got very very cheap and still look amazing!

Rings//Chelsea Doll//£10 each

Rings//Chelsea Doll//£10 each

Find loads of gorgeous, cheap jewellery here at Chelsea Doll


Pea soup.
Cannot say how much I love pea soup! So Imma leave it at that!


Being a literature student, most would think that I dread the site of books as our booklists are endless! But one thing I have always loved doing is Reading. My favourite genre, and a rarely go outside of this genre, is detective fiction! Crime novels are so exciting to read as they really draw you in and
involve you in the detective process. They are such stimulating reads as you are always kept on your feet and fully attentive to what is going on. My favourite authors who achieve this to perfection are the oldies such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Cristie and Wilkie Collins, aswell as some of the more
contemporary authors such as Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky and Tana French! My Favourite books so far are 'E is for Evidence' by Grafton, 'Law and the Lady' by Collins and all of Tana Frenchs book are brilliant reads!


Just everything about Spain, the food, the people, the language, the music, the sun. I spent five of the best months of my life in Espana last year and I am going back again for one
month in July and I cannot think about anything else
right now!! Back to days like these, beach life 


This past year has definitely been my year of Travel which I hope will continue as I have so many more places that I want to see!
Beginning with last February 2012, I fly off to Spain to work with a company called Grupos Organizados for five months, which were the best months I have had ever!! It was such an amazing experience to work with the kids teaching them English while
having the time of my life! I wrote in detail about this in an earlier post so go have a look here!
I then cam home for two months and prepared for flying off again to America! I spent my study abroad in Chicago
which is such an amazing city! In January this year, I also went to Paris to visit my godfather who lives there, and my boyfriend Niall came with me. As amazing as Paris sounds, we unfortunately
did not get to experience it the best we could as poor Niall came up with the chickenpox the day we arrived there :( But
we still got to see the beautiful Eiffel Tower at nighttime
and my uncle drove us around the city! We will definitely be making another trip there soon!
And now this summer, I am returning to Barcelona to go and live with a fantastic family for the month of July, five weeks in sunny Spain! I was so lucky to have gotten this Au Pair job
and I feel so lucky and blessed with my amazing parents to enable me to travel to all of these places! 
In the near future, I hope to visit one of my best friends
in her home country of Luxembourg, as well as going back next year to Spain to find a permanent teaching job!


One of the things I miss most about Chicago are the Urban Outfitters. Although they are a biteen expensive, the stuff they have is friggin amazing!! Even make-up bits and random books and teddies and gadgets, they have everything! In America, there were three UO's that I knew of and I probably visited them at least once a week! I got such cool gifts there as well as a few items of clothes for myself! Here a a few things I have picked from the site that I love right now!


Vampy lips
Although I am an everyday nude lip girl, when it comes to going out I love to switch it up and go for a darker lip, mainly because I think it is uber sexy and also makes your teeth look really white!! You do have to really invest in a good dark lipstick though, as many wine coloured or purple toned lipsticks tend to look dark but sometimes do not translate the same colour onto the lips. The best vampy lip colours I feel are the 
MAC shades. Really love the consistency and wearability
of MAC lipsticks but I do not love the price :( My friend
Diane bought me MAC Media for my birthday last year and it
is still my fave, and I am pictured with her below wearing the lipstick! Dark Side is also a perfect dark burgundy, and I really want to get Cyber, which is an intense blackish purple

MAC lipstick//Media//€18


Before now I have always been a chunky heels girl, probably because I just love My JC Lita's way too much to buy
any other pair of heels! But I am loving Wedges lately, mainly
suede wedges as they can be dressed up or down and are so so comfy! Been looking for the perfect pair for ages, preferably peachy or nude ones as the colour
suits a lot of different outfits! Fell in love with the Nude wedges below from Missguided after seeing them on Beautycrush, but they sold out before I managed to get my hands on them :( They are still available in black.



Favourite movie to watch by far, and always my first choice is 
I love every single actor in these films just because there is 
not one moment in any scene I have watched where I felt bored
or didn't think the acting was up to standard because they genuinely are some of the best actors, I mean Micheal Fassbender oh my god, what an absolute babe and an amazing actor! Hugh Jackman is also one of my all time fave actors and he kills it as Wolverine! Plus, its the one type of movie that my boyfriend actually likes to watch so there's another upside! :) X-men First Class was the best so far, and I hear the sequel to this movie is due out next year which I cannot wait for!!


The Yin & Yang symbol has always been an obsession of mine and
soon I really would love to get a small Yin Yang tattoo! But for now, this necklace kept that obsession at bay and I found this particular one on eBay. 


Of course, I love what the sign represents, but it is not all about the deepest of deep meanings that people have to derive from tattoos. People
are always judged on certain things they choose to get tattooed on themselves with people asking what does it mean? That really pisses me off and I don't even have any tattoos!! Images have
certain private meanings to people which definitely
should be respected and not quizzed over! Rant, OVER :P


And finally, ending with a possible future favourite as I have
not purchased this as of yet!! But MAC lipstick Pure Zen is at the top of my MAC lipsticks to get right now because I
always just go for Creme d'Nude I have
gotten through at least 10 of them since I first discovered it so its due time for a change! 

Hope you managed to get through all of that and end up
here, and if you did then thank you so much for reading this, been so dedicated to this blog for the last
three weeks now all because of the increasing page views I am getting! I see a lot of really successful blogs on here promoting lots of 'amazing' products that they get sent and
as much as I do love finding new products
that I like, I don't particularly like the whole name-dropping, pretentious aspect of blogging because I feel like not every social network or blog site
should be about endorsing endless amounts
of beauty products? I also could not imagine being able to afford or justify buying that many beauty products, as I seem to have already found which moisturisers and hair products I like, so I just stick to them! I much rather spend my money on travelling and doing exciting things than on endless bottles of nail polish and eyeshadows? I am 100 percent all for getting the most out of my money as it is hard come by, so I feel like every thing I buy 
must be something that I will get good use out of
or I feel like I have wasted money! It works for me! 
I get more satisfaction out of buying one top that
I can wear so many different days and times and places
than buying something I like but will barely use!

I write blogposts for the sole benefit of myself number one! I actually really enjoy sitting down in the evenings with a cuppa and writing about the new things that are happening in my life
that I love sharing and just sharing my interests in general! It is a really satisfying way of letting go of stress and I like the
fact that people from all over the world are taking the time to read what I am writing and I am so grateful for those of you who do read these ramblings!!

In the future, I plan on gearing this blog towards my own
lifestyle and habits and hobbies rather than solely on fashion!
I hope to stick up some book reviews on here, more travel diaries and general inspirational pieces I find on the way! :)

Muchos Gracias,


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