Saturday, 25 May 2013

Novacane, baby ♥


Frank Ocean is just the greatest man on Earth, & he is literally
the only artist I listen to lately as he has
just got it, everything I love in music. The songs I am particularly loving right now are Novacane, Eyes Like Sky,
Thinkin' Bout You and Done. And my all time favourite 
Forrest Gump. Plus he is uber hot and it seems
like everyone wants a piece of him lately!

Anyways, tangent over, I have just compiled a set of Summery
outfit inspirations that I have come across
this week now that my mind is 100% on Barcelona these days! Hope you like them! They are really my cuppa tea, all the long drapy
cardi's, crochet, floral accessories, lots of accessories
in general, splashes of neon and really just thrown-together,
effortless looks that are great for summer evenings!

I absolutely love when summer comes around because I find that summer items tend to be much cheaper than much
of the winter stock, maybe because they are skimpier but hey!
Tops and dresses can be transitioned so easily into winter by adding lots of layers so it is the perfect time for expanding the wardrobe! I went shopping today and picked up this
gorgeous play suit from River Island with a voucher I had. It was originally €33 which isn't too steep at all
as it is very good quality and it is very hard to find nice playsuits that fit me with my chest size but this is absolutely perfect! And I had my trip to Barcelona in mind
as I may have an evening with my Au Pair family that means I have to dress up a little and this is going to be perfect with brown sandals and a sheer cardi if it gets chilly! I may even wear it with my white high top cons as  my airport outfit!

Playsuit//River Island//€33

Thank you for checking in!


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