Friday, 24 May 2013

Spanish surprise ✈


I have such exciting and surprising news as everything has happened all in the space of two days!! :)
The other day I just got this notion into my head that I needed to take action on what I would like to do this time next year, and that involved getting as much
experience as possible before then. So I decided to go for it and sign up to an Au Pair site, and had so many applications in the space of a couple of hours that I was automatically
guaranteed a job for the Summer!

Soooo, I am officially the Au Pair for an amazing family in El Bruc, Barcelona a the foot of the Monserrat Mountain
which looks absolutely just amazing!
I am so lucky that to have found such a fun and easy going family
who have already welcomed me into their
family for the month of July and I cannot wait! 

This will be such fantastic experience for me
for my future as I already have English teaching behind me, but this will be extra helpful in securing a job when I finish college next year so I am so so happy that I just decided to go for it without hanging around and wasting my summer
in a job that doesn't make me happy.

I would definitely advise anyone that is thinking of becoming an Au Pair to take a look at whats out there, as many families
are desperate for some help this
Summer and I received some amazing offers which including accompanying a family on their holidays to Alicante and Bilboa
and others in the city of Madrid. I chose my particular family
based on the ages of the children as I did not
want very young children, but those of you who would
consider themselves able for it, GO FOR IT!! :)
Many of us put ourselves down and think we are incapable of many things others succeed at, but you never know your full list of skills until you put them to the test, have fun and go with the flow!

So naturally enough after the hype of being accepted by
my host family and thinking of all the cool things I can teach the kids, I began thinking of that hot July weather and the pool in the garden, so yes I started raking through
the Internet for some cheap & cheerful everyday summer
clothes to wear while I am working, but also while I am 
sight seeing as that's what I plan to do with the family.
Of course, Pennies will be hit for all my essentials such as cheap sandals, bikinis and just bits and bobs in general!
I have a lot of summery clothes already but I just need to update a few outfits by getting basics like maxi skirts, sandals,
some crop tops, definitely a floral headcrown 
because i love them lately, and some
chunky silver jewellery I think is perfect paired with summery colours!

I am really hopeful that this experience will be
one to remember and I do not regret signing up for it one bit,
and I would leave right now if I could!
But because I have a month before I leave, I can get together
some mulah from my current part time job, so I can create some Englishlesson plans that are really fun like collecting English magazines and reading them with the kids
and teaching them dances! I told them these ideas
and they cannot wait for me to get there which is so sweet! :)

And lastly, with any trip to a sunny destination comes the 
obligatory dieting and exercising!! I
am getting into the swing of my evening walks and abs
exercises (blugh), but it will be worth it to be fit as the family live in a mountainous area in the country so Ill be going on long walks and hikes (YAY!) :P

So excited that I get to share this news as it is starting me off on my future travelling hopes and it is really
the best feeling to have something to look
forward to rather than being idle all of the time!!
With every new adventure comes new opportunities as I say, as
you never know who you might meet on your
travels, & I think this picture sums up perfectly where my frame of mind is at now! 


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