Monday, 6 May 2013

Travel Diary ✈


So hello again after nine months of abandoning this blog (ashamed face)  but it was with good reason! From February last year I have been travelling as I am so lucky to have had the chance to go abroad for two semesters with my University. YAY!

From February to June 2012 I had the most amazing opportunity to work with an awesome, hardworking company in Spain called Grupos Organizados! I was part of a team that welcomed spanish students from all over Spain and teach them English through loads of cool activities such as Kayaking and beach games, song & dance, hiking up and down hills to the nearest village for some shopping and so much more!! I am so happy I have photos such as these to share with people I meet and talk about the amazing time I spent there! I would go back in a heartbeat!!

Very first day on Santa Susanna beach!
Cliff jumping!

Nights out :)

Beach games during training weeks!

Group of kids at Tossa Beach :)

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Trip to Barcelona!

Typical working day on Tossa beach

Every morning before work by the pool!

Beautiful cliffs at Tossa de Mar

Looking at all of these photos and so many more bring back
amazing memories and I actually would go back and do it all again tomorrow!
I miss having a natural tan and being so fit from early morning trekking up hills to breakfast. Without a doubt my best life experience to date & no doubt I will be back this summer!!

For my second semester abroad, Erasmus or study abroad for me as I went all the way to CHICAGO!! My dream for so long was to visit America and it was such a milestone for me to have visited such a diverse city, although overcoming homesickness was extremely difficult for me, and leaving my boyfriend for 4 MONTHS is the hardest thing I've ever done,
I do not regret my decision as I have learned so much from this experience, a very daunting one but amazing still!!

These pictures will pretty much sum up four months of my stay in Chicago :)

Stunning view from the Sears tower, we picked such a good day to visit as the views
are so much prettier when the sun is shining!! 

Shitting our pants on the ledge of the Sears tower!!

The famous 'Bean' in downtown Chicago!

Nightime view and drinks at the top of the John Hancock building!! :)

Also let my hair grow out for the full 4 months which made
it so healthy after the sun damage from Espana!

Christmas parade with Mickey & Minnie!!

Drinking Four Loco at Navy Pier, toxic stuff!!

Erasmus crowd out in Wrigleyville!

At our Blue Line Montrose subway stop!

Its safe to say I had one of my most memorable years in 2012 and I would not change it for the world!! 

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" Miller


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