Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Wishlist #1


I don't know if it's the fact that I am in the middle of
exams that I am craving choccie like a pregnant lady, or if
I'm becoming a total foodie because I have
started to LOVE baking and cooking lately!!
BUT our oven in my college house is broke so no brownies for jen :(

Anyways, I have been searching all of the online stores lately during my study breaks, basically teasing myself saying hey here's all the nice stuff you can't afford!! But I 
hope to get back in the money making right after my exams all going well! 

So here's my current clothing wishlist, because yes I also have a jewellery, make-up and book wishlist also
but fashion first 

From top L-R
KG Kurt Geiger Platforms//ASOS//€92.78
Grey Jersey Skirt//ASOS//€39.76
White Linen Top//ASOS//€33.14
Pinapple bikini top//ASOS//€21.21
White stripe t-shirt//ASOS//€37.11
Miista brogues//Folkster//€169
Holographic clutch//Boohoo//€28
Pinafore dress//Boohoo//€38
Orange top//Folkster//€26.99

These are such amazing summer pieces that I would
love to be able to buy if I get a steady job over the summer
because my wardrobe needs serious updating!!

Thank you for checkin in :)



  1. So many lovely bits! :)
    Love the pineapple bikini, white oversized top and striped dungarees!

  2. I know its so tempting to just buy EVERYTHING!! :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog btw much appreiciated!