Wednesday, 19 June 2013

100 Dollah Bills


Although I don't tend to have very expensive taste, now & again
I do come across items that I would sell my own family for, not that anyone would buy them cos that lot are hella crazy. This post is just to show you some items and designers that I have come across lately and loving! I more than likely (definitely) cannot afford any of these things at the momo, but a girl can dream! And plus I do look at these designer pieces for inspiration because there are nearly always cheaper alternatives
or knockoffs either in Topshop and Primark and other high street shops, and always on eBay! My favourite designers to keep up with lately are Balmain, Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent, KTZ, Moschino and always, Chanel. There are two sites that I occasionally browse to and torment myself with lots of good shizz that I can't afford! They are and Below are some things I have been eyeing up and lusting over for quite some time now, and plus it's handy having these wishlists at hand because who knows I could win the lottery anyday now and it would be awful not knowing what to buy!!

Top handle Moschino bag//€730

Kenzo jumper//€187

Balmain leather trouser//€3,213

Balmain Paisley shirt//approx €500

Alexander Wang Shoulder bag//€944

As plain as these items seem to be, I would rather have my designer item be something of a staple that I could pair with any outfit rather than a garish statement piece that would just sit in my wardrobe!! If I could have just have one designer item right now it would actually be a black Chanel bag but you all surely know what they look like and cost!!

Here is a snippet of some of my recent favourite designer couture looks from KTZ's S/S 2012 catwalk show and Chanel's new S/S 12/13 Cruise Collection featuring Cara Delevigne.

KTZ Fall Collection '12

Chanel Cruise Collection 12/13

 From the KTZ Collection I really adore the intricate baroque style detailing and the cut outs. This specific collection is so unique and each piece here is so stunning and eye catching, yet using only black and white as the base colour for one whole outfit. I particularly love the first white outfit as I actually would wear the trousers on a night out or somewhere special. And the second black ensemble, the shift dress is just amazing and I would kill to have a piece like this in my wardrobe its just so sick!! 

This Chanel Cruise Collection featuring Cara Delevigne is a funky mix between girly pastel colours and heavy, dark textures such as the black leather jacket and the deep violet floral detailing in the dress as seen in the last outfit. I have not posted the whole collection here, as I only picked my favourite. The other
items in the collection include Tweed suits which are a no-no for me! The cute Chanel logo slash beauty mark on Cara's face is genius and adds a really Gothic, Victorian inspired edge to each of the outfits! She looks so beautiful in every outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your faves from these or other collections as I am always on the hunt for new, exciting collections that can inspire my own wardrobe! I am not really into posting OOTD's as that is not really what I set out to do with this blog. It is geared mainly towards my interests and my experiences moreso that what I wear and what make up I put on my face!! Besides, I feel that there are already a lot of blogs who do exactly that and they generate quite a
materialistic and superficial response as people solely focus on what the writer is wearing and how she/he looks and I would prefer not to be judged in that way! I am quite confident in my own appearance and daily life without having to parade it on here through outfits! But I do appreciate those who do just that!! :) No malevolence intended, just plain & simple truth about my own preferences! 

Jennifer x

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  1. I love the Moschino bag and both collections :)

    1. Hopefully one day I'll get my hands on one!! & yes i agree, Cara looks so fierce love all the looks! Thank u :) x