Saturday, 15 June 2013

Birthday Trip


As tomorrow is my birthday, and I am flying off to Spain in two weeks and my boyfriend is off to Spain in three days, he decided to whisk me off for a night in Belfast, as we won't see each other for five weeks, tear ;( I absolutely LOVE
the city of Belfast! It has such a good, calm, friendly atmosphere about it, compared to Dublin which is just too rushed and horrendously unfriendly and people there just drive me insane in the membrane :/ 

There are amazing shops, everything you could want really! There is a fantastic shopping centre called Victoria Square which is a much bigger version of Dundrum with shops that are far better, even if they are the more expensive shop like Kurt Geiger, House of Fraser and Superdry. There are plenty of other affordable stores such as Topshop, River Island, Hollister and H&M. Upstairs there are so many food places, most of which we don't have down here in the Republic so we took advantage of the fact that they have a NANDO'S!! Can't actually rave on enough about the food they have there, which I never tried before!
Oh my goodness, it has to be the best chicken and just overall service I've had from a restaurant!! Wish we had one here :( I chose a medium spiced chicken breast fillet in a Portuguese roll and it was absolutely the tastiest thing ever! I probably wouldn't go hotter than a medium just because it was the perfect amount of spiciness without totally taking away from the taste!

I didn't take too many snaps as I actually just always forget to take pics! But I do have a few photos of some of the stuff I bought while I was there! 

Floral headband//Primark//£2.50

Mini make-up bag//Primark//£2

City Hall, Belfast

Top//Urban Outfitters//£30 - w/student discount £27

Rasta Bracelet//Fresh Garbage//£2

Real Techniques Stippling brush//Boots//£11.99

I didn't go too mad on the shopping because it wasn't actually a shopping trip, we really went just to have time to ourselves and to chill and eat out in different places! In the first picture I have on a floral headcrown that I found
in Primark and I love it! It has an elastic headband and not one of those harder ones that make your head hurt after a while!! Although the did have those and they were so nice but a lil bit more money and I liked this one better! I'm all cosied up after travelling home all day, as it took two buses to get up & back but it was worth it!

The next thing was also a steal from Pennies and it a cute mini make-up bag, or at least I will be using it for make-up! And it is crazy because I was in Urban Outfitters for so long, like an hour just browsing because I love errything in there and it was torture really cos I couldn't afford all that I wanted! And anyways, I was eyeing up a make up bag in there as they have so many gorgeous aztec style designs that I really liked, but couldn't justify paying £12 on, which is like €16 and I wasn't about to pay that for a lil bag!! And this one from Pennies is exactly the kind they had in UO so I was glad I didn't splurge and buy the more expensive one! You can get dupes for
almost anything in Pennies its great!! Below is one of the UO design bags that I wanted!

Bag//Urban Outfitters//€16/£12

Always so chuffed with my bargains!! I did buy a top in UO though which I adore mainly because I don't have anything like it as these style tops are hard to find to suit my figure as I have a large chest but the material in the purple strappy top above is perfect and fits so nicely! I got it in a medium and it is such a comfortable fit and perfect to dress up or down! Here it is modelled on the UO site with the link below!

Top//Urban Outfitters//£30

I also repurchased the Real Techniques stippling brush as it's my favourite for applying my foundation, and I find that when I clean this brush too often, the bristles go too hard and coarse so I had to get another one, other than that they are the best buy, and so much cheaper than other brush brands!

We had such an amazing time with good company & good food and I will definitely be heading back again, even though I have been once every year for the past three years! But I would definitely recommend going there for a little getaway! ;)

Thank you for checkin in with me guys, and feel free to check out my other links below!!  


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  1. very informative post. Happy belated birthday