Wednesday, 12 June 2013



I thought I would do a styling post as I am always putting outfits together in my head from different items I see online or in shops, then end up forgetting where a particular
top I liked was from or what I had in mind to pair with it! 

I have styled five outfits here, all around €200, and all with a different outing, event or theme in mind to give you an idea of my style and how I like to piece things together! I don't usually go for structured, tailored outfits, as I gear towards more loose fitting tops as they flatter my figure better! But I have tried to incororate items into these outfits that anyone could pull off because I am not one for choosing pieces that we know justs look good on the models and skinny gurls alike! 

Hope you like! And I would love if you commented below with your fave look and how you would style them differently!! :)

#1 Date night outfit

Gold cross ring //River Island
Moto Black Jeans //Topshop

This outfit is just so me and is the perfect mix of casual and comfy meets dressy. The Topshop jeans are really a good investment as they are such great quality
and such a sexy and figure flattering fit! I am planning to wear something like this out to Dinner in Belfast and drinks after, as I already have black skinnies, these exact heels and the Boohoo top should be arriving here tomorrow! :)

#2 All day Shopping

Sunnies //ASOS
Bracelets //River Island for ASOS
Jeans //ASOS
Yin Yang top //Urban Outfitters

For long days walking around I really need to be comfy, so a pair of Vans of black cons are a must! Or throw on a pair of black sandals if it is sunny! I love wearing dark colours such as black and maroon together, and adding a pop of turquoise and silver jewellery really adds an edge to the outfit that I love
and I would definitely wear this outfit out and about! Really wanna get this gorgeous little purple gem ring when I am in Belfast this week as the Topshop there is the best!

#3 Lounging at home

Shirt //ASOS
China Glaze Holographic Nail Varnish//eBAy
Django DVD//Tesco
Ben & Jerrys//Tesco
Tayto chips//Tesco
HUF socks //eBay

I guess you are probably wondering how the hell this all costs €120, and that is just the shirt and the HUF socks!! This Baseball shirt is a massive €106, which I wouldn't dream of being able to afford anytime soon, but I just love it so
much it is so silky and fab!! Someday! I would lounge around in a tshirt and jammie bottoms with HUF socks erryday
because it is the comfiest combination ever! I hate getting dressed into my normal clothes if I am just spending the day at home, and I would definitely wear something like this if my boyfriend was coming over to watch a DVD, Django is out of this world goo, we saw it in the cinema but I am definitely buying the DVD to watch over & over with lots of ice cream and crippies!! 

#4 Clubbing

TOTAL COST €252.90
Shirt Dress //Urban Outfitters
Necklaces and Rings //Shop Dixi
Platforms //Zara

I want everything in this outfit so bad!! This is my perfect going-out outfit because I don't usually wear tight dresses or usual going out gear simply because I just think those days are behind me!! This shirt dress is so hawt, frickin love the pattern and its a piece that can be worn anywhere as it is so versatile and that what I usually base my purchases on, their wearability!!
I love layering jewellery so I went heavy on the chunky silver jewellery here and I think it looks so cool! The shoes may be a little hard to dance in, but black suede wedges are a really good  alternative! I would just wear my hair down and messy like the model here! No fuss, but maybe add a smokey eye and a nude lip and that's me sorted!

Loving these kind of looks lately, hope you liked this post & please comment below if you would wear these outfits or how you would have styled them differently! Would love
to have a look at some new suggestions!

Jennifer x


  1. amazing looks *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Thank you so much! Love your blog you have such a good eye for scenic photos! :)

      jen x