Saturday, 22 June 2013

High for This


I came across this amazing alternative site some time ago and I am now a huge fan of every single thing they have! 
Rat & Boa are an online store that sells errythang a hippie chick could dream of! Crochet dresses, tie dye bralets and flowing maxi cardis, paired with skyscraper heels and lashing of silver jewellery! Mint!

I have found though, that because most of these items are one-off vintage pieces, that they only tend to stock one or a couple of each item, which means that every time I go onto the site, everything is sold out, everything! But I suppose that means
that their stuff is really sought after and well worth the money. They do re-stock old items as far as I have seen, so if something catches your eye, keep checking back because you could get lucky enough to nab something before it's gone! 

I have been eyeing up the Black Crochet Cardigan for so long now!


Check out there site here for these items and more! Such amazing, unique pieces and perfectly styled here I would love to know who the stylist and model are as she is such a babe! Summer body inspiration fo sho!! 

Many of the outfits are styled with the super high but super amazing UNIF Hellbounds which have been on my shoe wishlist for quite some time now, but after I got the JC Lita's I figured one pair of chunky heels were enough for me, but you can find them on the link above at Solestruck or some pretty good dupes here

Some styling tips, as taken from the above images and my own recent faves, are chunky silver jewellery, and lots of it! I love the layering of necklaces and arm cuffs because it can make your body look so feminine yet edgy at the same time! here are some of my recommendations, I tried to stick as closely as I could to the items styled in the above pictures!

From L-R
Turquoise Amulet Ring //Shop Dixi
Talisman Hand Earrings //River Island
Ear Cuffs //RI
Blue Gem Bracelet //Shop Dixi
Ankh Cross Necklace //Fashionology

Also came across this wicked black spiked choker similar to the one the model is wearing with some of these outfits, looks a bit dodge at first but she makes it look so stylish and it is the perfect accessory for this style of outfit! There are loads of variations of these on eBay!

Thanks you guys for checkin in and hope you like my daily blogging so far, please let me know what you would like to see on here withing the next couple of days! I am loving other bloggers posts right now and get lots of ideas of my
own from reading them! I hope in the next week to put up:
What's in My Suitcase/Travelling essentials
Barca Weekend Outfits
Current MAC Wishlist
June Faves
Style Crush #3

Jennifer x

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    1. Awh thanks so much glad you liked it :)

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  2. site looks amazing, love the rings you picked out!

    1. thank you :) absolutely obsessed with all this jewellery! :)

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