Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Home Comforts


I have done a couple of posts now on Home Decor, mainly posting pictures that inspire me when it comes to my own personal
space and how I would love my home to look sometime in
the future! And because I can never exactly know when it is that I will actually have my own place, it's a good idea to start looking now! I have forty million other things to be doing right now like focusing on my thesis but mehhh this is more fun!!

I have been finding gorgeous patterns and decorations
in random shops lately, like Pennies actually have some of the best home stuff for really cheap I love their throws and cushions! But for now I have looked on sites such as Zara Home, Urban Outfitters & Habitat for some cool pieces, and I visited UO in Belfast and everything they had online they have instore which is amazing and so rare!


Zara Home

Urban Outfitters

Zara Home

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters


All Cushions Zara Home

First 9 items, Habitat & Zara Home//
last 4 items Urban Outfitters


I really like vintage inspired pieces and mismatched colours and textures. I love when a room is really crowded with lots of decor like loads of cushions piled over each other and wall hangings on every inch of wall space and candles lighting everywhere! 
Something about these kind of rooms just offer so much
into someones life and make the space their own! Rather than just the plain old brown and cream curtains and matching carpet and matching cushions and bluuuhhhh. So boring!!! I am such a hoarder I keep every little nook & cranny from my travels and
keep them in boxes or up on my wall because one day I will
be moving out and I would like to carry stuff with me that will remind me of my earlier years and look back on how friggin great they were! Is that weird? Who cares!!

Crushin on these tumblr pics lately

Hope you like these kind of posts, and please let me know down in the comments what you would like to see reviewed or talked about on this blog because I am open to new suggestions and want to
write about things that you guys enjoy reading! 

Also, I am really trying to decide whether to start up a facebook page for my blog or not, because one place I haven't actually
promoted my blog is on my FB! So I would love to hear your opinions on this, for me it's just a privacy and personal thing but I might consider it!! 

Jennifer x

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