Monday, 10 June 2013

Instalife ✌


Here are a few snapshots of my life over the last few weeks! I've not been at much, working at the weekends and getting in some thesis work during the week (bore) aswell as enjoying the sun we have had here! I love seeing other people's instagram piccies as it gives an insight into people's daily lives and capturing the best moments & sharing them!


As a few of these items are new, I suppose this is my version of a haul for you guys, although I do have a few more things to show you as my birthday is coming up and I have a Boohoo
order on the way, which includes this gorgeous tie-dye top which I got with 20% off!

Starting from the top from L-R, my cute little bunny rabbit slipper socks are the comfiest things to wear around the house and they were only €3 from Pennies, and my Momma actually got a matching pair because we are weird like that The flowers are a new addition either side of the back door onto our decking and they looked so gorgeous in the sun that I had
to take a lil picture!

The third picture is one of me and Mam trying to take edgy pictures lying on the grass yesterday but majorly failed as I couldn't actually see my phone screen with the sun!! Also taking yesterday was this picture of me sunbathing in a tie dye skirt that I got from ASOS last year and love so much because its so comfy & easy to chuck on over bikini bottoms in the summer and with black tights, ankle boots and a grey jumper in the colder weather! PLus I got it in the sale so it was only around €12!

I love wearing denim lately, which I was never really fond of as I could never get a really nice pair of jeans to fit perfectly as I am quite small so I always have to roll up the ends! But I actually quite like that look now, & I have it done here with my HUF socks that I bought in a store in Chicago for a fraction of the price that they are sold for online, but I did find some cheap ones on ebay here if you really like the design and don't mind the shipping costs! They are so comfy and I really want more pairs, so in love with this rasta inspired pairs here :)
Also pictured here are my Levi re-worked vintage cut-offs that I also bought in Chicago in Urban Outfitters, which is
like heaven for me, I genuinly love errything in that shop it insane. Quite expensive though :/

The next picture is when I was catching up on my detective fiction reading for my thesis, which I love doing because Crime novels are my all time fave reads anyway! Beside that are my brand new Holographic heels from Zara that I have been constantly
raving about since I got them last week as an early birthday pressie, and they are in stock now so you can pick up a pair right here for only €39.95! INSANE! 

The fella in the next picture is my gorgeous Beau, and a picture of me without make-up, with the help of the trusty Instagram filter ;) The Nike's I have featured in one of my last posts which were gifted to me from Niall, and the Panda is
a random picture I found on tumblr which made me laugh so much, love Panda's! :P

The last two pics are a playsuit I recently got at River Island which fits like a gem!! And lastly is a make-up product that I
discovered that I absolutely love! I have been wanting to find an alternative to MAC lipsticks as I keep running out of my my fave, Creme d'Nude because it is my go-to daily lipstick when I am wearing make-up, and this lip lustre is just a perfect substitute! It is Rimmel Apocolips in the colour Nude Eclipse 600
and it has such a creamy finish that lasts much longer that lipstick and has not got that sticky finish that a lot of lipglosses have that I cannot stand! And at €5.95 it is a steal and I should have bought more because the otehr colours are just as nice!

Thank you all for checking in and I hope you liked these little snapshots of my goings-on! Things are about to get a little more
exciting as I am going to Barcelona in less than three
weeks, so please let me know if you would like to see more of my Instagram shots and recent purchases! HAPPY MONDAY ;)

Tumblr photo of the day! 

Jennifer x


  1. Omg I love your tattoo! I have just bought those Zara heels, literally in love!
    New follower :)x

  2. Awhh thank you for following so sweet :) I know, not the comfiest shoes in the world because I had to get a size smaller than usual ha but I couldnt leave them! love the sunnies in your June picks I want a pair just like them! x