Monday, 24 June 2013

All White Errything


White is just the perfect Summer colour.
Before now, I refused to wear white as most white tops, dresses and the like are very sheer, and I am not a fan of showing my bra off to the general public when its not necessary! Also, I really don't like when white clothes go that off-white/dirty white as it looks like you haven't washed it in months. When wearing white, one thing I have to make sure is that it is crisp white, and I think it looks fab and adds the same pop as a bright coloured tee would to an otherwise plain outfit!

Going even further the, I am loving the all-white trend at the mo, which featured in the my KTZ catwalk collection blogpost. All white can look stunning with a summer tan which I hope to get ASAP when I get top Barca this week! 3 DAYS!! But I do think that texture and design is important when carrying off the all white trend as just plain white cotton or denim can be a bit
boring and lacks character. This post will hopefully show you how I intend to wear this trend this summer
and how to make it your own! Starting off with this stunning Crochet knitted dress that I bought just today in H&M so it is in stores now and such a steal at €30! Hope you like!

This dress can be got online from here and it will be my go-to dress for any occasion during my stay in Barca, nights out, shopping, beach trips, and I may just wear it to the airport as it comes to just over my knees and is a perfect flowing fit which will be super comfy to wear on the journey! I also bought these pieces of silver jewellery in H&M because white with tonnes of silver jewellery is a match made in heaven, and throw in a splash of turquoise and it is the perfect hippie chic outfit!

Nastygal have such an amazing selection of white dresses right now I just had to show some of my faves! Unfortunately, the amazingness also comes with a hefty price
tag as always with NG, but they are so pretty to look at and there are sometimes cheaper versions in high street shops like H&M like my crochet one here, so Nastygal is great for getting styling tips as well as having such great pieces!

I went shopping with my brother today in the hopes of just grabbing some sandals for Spain and to watch Monsters University, which totally didn't go to plan as it hasn't came out in our cinema yet aghhhh! So mad, but anyways my mood was lifted when I found out today was the first days of the sales and there was some gorgeous pieces on sale that I was just eyeing up last week! But as I am saving for Spain I
only bought the dress and some black sandals and the jewellery, but I want to share some of the stuff I saw today with you guys and hopefully some of this stuff will also be in your nearest stores! :) ASOS have also started their summer sale so I have also included lotsa good stuff from there as always!!

White  Mesh insert top//ASOS//was €37 now €21

Oversized White Blazer//ZARA//was €79.95 now €59.99
White Clutch//ZARA//was €69.95 now €59.99

Pinafore//Boohoo//was €22 now €16

Oversized White Jumper//Boohoo//was €28 now €22

Also found these insane Gladiator sandals in the online Zara sale and so pissed off that they weren't in store today! And below is a gorgeous evil eye necklace from Fashionology that I found on ASOS, which is news to me because I love Fashionoligy and didn't know they sold their stuff on ASOS, delighted!! Both of these items would go perfect with an all white outfit for the summer time, really hope I get my hands on these sandals in Spain because that is the home of ZARA afterall!! 
Sandals//ZARA//were €69.95 now €39.99

Evil eye necklace//ASOS//was €34.46 now €19.88

Thank you guys for all your support of this blog (especially my number one fan Momma Bear ;), and I 
hope you are liking these posts, please let me know below what you would like to see on here and if you found any steals in the June sales! As per usual, I get most of my inspiration
on tumblr from so many different fashion and style blogs I have too many favourites to name! So I am gonna leave you with some pics that inspired me to try out the all white trend!
Much loveeee :)

Until tomorrow 

Jennifer x

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