Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tumblr is Toxic


Hey Y'all!
So by now most of you may have seen or heard about the article on 'Toxic' Rihanna, featured in the Daily Mail by none other than 
sourpuss Liz Jones. I have yet to read a positive, stimulating article written by this journalist that makes me
wanna get up and do something for the better.  
I think we could benefit from a fresh set of creative and inspiring views because in fairness, there is enough bad news circulating these days without having journalists, with very sloppy phrasing, suggesting that overrated celebs like Rihanna should come with a "government health warning". I mean, come on? For real woman get a grip!! Not a major fan of Rihanna tbf, but there are worse problems out there lady! I understand and appreciate the point Jones was trying to make about role models, but should have stayed within reason. She is a real person with real feelings and this article went a bit too far with the public slandering, so she got as good as she gave! Should we instead be teaching the youth to publicly humiliate those who are different to us? I think not?
Each to their own I say! 

So when I was deciding what to write about today, I figured that I should stay in tune with this 'Toxic' mayhem and get all wordy like Ms Jones and her gripping headline, "Poisonous Pop Princess" (so cringe!!), and name this blogpost Toxic Tumblr Tuesday. Huraaahhh! I am ridiculously addicted to tumblr, as you all probably know by now! And instead of just linking you my tumblr blog, as not everyone has a tumblr or even knows what it is, I decided to choose some of the pictures from my blog and share them on here so you guys can have a better insight into my style tastes and some of my more outlandish preferences
when it comes to fashion! Hope you guys like these pics
and maybe create your own tumblr! It is a brilliant way to see people's photography and art and it is no means just a
'hipster' social network but a place for people to express
their individuality in pictures!


I follow over 200 blogs on tumblr and I try to update my own blog everyday or at least every two days because if you lose interest in it, people lose interest in your blog & unfollow you! Harsh I know haha, but I tend to do the same if I see someone hasn't reblogged in like two weeks! Here are my top 10 favourite blogs to reblog :)

Go create a tumblr page if you already haven't, or send me your links in the comments I am always looking for new tumblr blogs to follow! & Cheers for stopping by! 

Jennifer x

twitter / tumblr / instagram @ jennifercurley_x


  1. I really wanna get a pair of John Lennon sunnies like the ones in those pics! And I also need to hurry up and get a tumblr account!

    Lily :)


    1. me too!! love the purlescent ones just can't find the right ones anywhere here!!

      Jen x

  2. Great post :)
    I'm just about to go follow you on Tumblr too!


    1. followed back, amazing blog love it :)
      & thank you for all your lovely comments!

      jen x

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