Sunday, 23 June 2013



Current Wishlist here which of course is majorly narrowed down because I am one of those people who likes errything she sees and can't possibly just pick a couple of things, oh no..

Forever loving the grungy slash hippie slash girly mix that I tend to go with, as it is never okay for me to go with all one trend because if I am too grungy I feel like a boy, and if I wear a girly top I cant help but grunge it up by throwin on my ripped black jeans and messing my hair up and pilin' up the rings & bracelets, and it works for me! So yeah this wishlist is a bit of a mix and I hope some of these things catch your eye too!!
I would love to know below in the comments exactly what you think of these things!

From L-R

Countdown has begun for Barcelona, just 5 days and I'm off! Plus it's a day flight so that means no late night stress and no lack of sleep!! I actually have already most things packed so I will more than likely have my long term 'travel essentials' post up in the next few days! Become a pro at packing and living out of a suitcase, does anyone actually lovepacking as much as I do?! Such a neat freak..

Hope y'all are havin a good weekend! Mine consisted of working and eating and working off what I ate and eating again! Holiday body just isn't worth dieting for I'm afraid, my love of food overrules every time! Also listened to the whole Yeezus album yesterday by Kanye West and it is absolutely frickin amazin love most of the tracks on there, especially New Slaves with Frank Ocean who I love to bits and Black Skinhead. 

What songs are you all loving lately? need some tracks for my ipod for the journey as I am going by myself so I need to be kept occupied!! 

Jennifer x

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  1. love the sandals by ASOS, simple and chic! <3

    Check out my new all-black outfit post on blog! :)

    1. love the outfit, especially the boots! :)

      jen x