Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Don't Shoe Wish You Could Have it All


Lately I have been so obsessed with Shoes, and I know that might sound a bit obvious for someone who loves all things fashion, but for me, for everyday wear I always stick to my trusty Cons! They just go with everything and are the comfiest thing to chuck on whenever I am going absolutely anywhere!!
But now that Summer is here, its a bit too hot here in Spain to be wearing trainers so I have been keeping my eye out for sandals and more lighweight shoes for everyday wear. Also been loving the strappy sandal trend that had taken over this Summer and have already invested in a holographic pair that I featured here.

As always, high street shops are my main port of call when it comes to shoes, especially heels as I cannot fathom forking out hundreds on a pair of shoes that I only wear on special occasions because I would actually cry everytime I looked at them!! Even though I do lust over them, a lot!! I do have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's from a couple of years ago but they were a gift from my Momma and I wore them to death!! Now, I think there is such a wide variety of dupes for designer shoes on the likes of Asos, Boohoo and eBay that there is no need to pay a lot of money for a stylish pair of shoes! Took some inspo from tumblr for these snaps and below are some of my top high street footwear picks!

Here are some of my favourite Summer shoes in store right now :) Funnily enough from Missguided & Zara, my two fave places for shoes at the mo!

Neon Yellow Heels//Missguided
Black Gladiators//Missguided

Hope this post gave you some insirpation to go out and make a sneaky purchase because we are so lucky to have a scorcher back home this Summer in Ireland which means parties and BBQ's and all sorts, so investing in a good Summer shoe is never a bad idea!!
Love these neon court heels from Missguided and so reasonably priced compared to the Louboutin lookalike!!

Hope you are all having an amazing week in the sun, would love to hear all of your plans in the comments! In a couple of days, I am going into Barcelona with my aupair family and we are going on oneof those tour buses so I'm gonna see loads and take lots of stunning piccies :) Other than that I am topping up my tan every day!  Had a fattie night last night with the girls and ate copious amounts of fizzy sweets and Milka Oreos!! And I finally bought some proper tea Happy Dayssss! 
For now, Hasta Luego Chicas! 

Jennifer x

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  1. oh no i want them! all of them haha.
    i have promised myself some jimmy choos for my wedding day but other than that i'm and aldo girl all the way I'm safe in there to find amazing shoes but not spend crazy money.



    1. Same I feel the need to wear Loubs for my wedding day without a doubt!! :) Actually never bought a pair of shoesies from Aldo, more of a Zara/River Island girl when it comes to shoes, moreso Primark!!

      Jen x