Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Guilt Trip


Been loving the chill life in Espana lately, with only two more weeks to go! Which is kind of bittersweet as I will be super emotional leaving the family & saying goodbye to the girls, but I am looking forward to seeing my own family & my mister! I definitely think that one month was sufficient time for me to experience everyday life in Catalunya, as if I stayed for longer I would feel like a bit out of touch with my own everyday life and my University work that needs catching up on! So I will most definitely enjoy my month at home before heading back to college in September!

As it is a Sunday, what else would I be doing only raking through the online sales that are actually quite good this year which is surprising enough! Been on ASOS a lot in particular, and found that much of the items in my Saved items section were on sale as well as so many other cute summer items! Have composed my must have picks from the ASOS 70% Sale with links to each item below!

were €39 now €15
Love the wash on these jeans! I stopped wearing lightwash denim ages ago when I discovered that dark jeans are so much more flattering for my figure. But now that it is summer I want
to move away from black skinnies and these are perfect, and the price is ridiculous for a decent pair of jeans, €15!

was €33 now €23
Paisley print is always super feminine and boho, and the colours on this dress are perfect, love the shape of the dress as I can never wear strappy dresses because of my bust size, so the round neck, sleeveless shape is perfect for me. Also, think it looks just like something from Urban Outfitters which would set you back about 60 quid for s dress like this so it is deffo affordable.

was €37 now €23
Again with the paisley print because it is my favourite at the mo and I am looking for a paisley chiffon blouse but no luck yet, but this Motel crop top is gorgeous and the smokey orange colour is perfect to wear in the summer but also transitions really well into the autumn.

were €4 now €2
Not to everyones taste, but I absolutely love these lil fishnet socks, maybe  not paired with silver heels but I would wear them with my converse or a pair of brogues, love them!!

was €80 now €47
One of my best picks of the bunch is this American Apparel Disco Skirt. Saw these while I was in Chicago but deffo was not up for paying 80 dollars for a skirt at the time, but the material is just so slimming and comfortable at the same time. I have the black Disco Pants and I have gotten soooo much wear out of them both for nights and and day trips and University! 

was €39 now €19
This skirt has been in my saved items for so long because I love the colour, it's so versatile and the fit looks amazing. Was a bit on the expensive side for me at first but 20 euro off the price is great!

was €39 now €24
Absolutely in LOVE with this bag and the amazing price! Saw a bag like this in Topshop a while back but the price was just a no-no but I am obsessed with everything about this bag, the colour, the quilting and the silver hardware! God knows I have enough bags but this has got to join my collection I think!!

was €53 now €20
Massive price drop for such a gorgeous skirt! Havent seen anything like this in the shops with the lace trim on the ends, just a perfect casual summer skirt!

were €46 now €18
Been looking for a pair of pinstripe trousers but not black and white as I think they are too in your face, but the neutral grey and off white together here is gorgeous and I really like fitted trousers lately. Mint. And amazing price.

#10 Tshirt
was €15 now €9
Loving tie dye this summer and the shape of the tee is perfect for this hot Spanish weather as anything with sleeves is a no-no!

Hope you found something to your liking here or find something else on ASOS as there is such a good sale on right now on lots of really good brands as well as ASOS on brand items. I love so much of the sale jewellery in particular but that's a whole other area that I couldn't possibly fit into one post!!
Hope you are all enjoying the Irish sun, make the most of it while it lasts! I'm trying to get a headstart on College work before September starts cos it is only going downhill from there!

Just want to finish by saying I am appalled at the decision of the jury regarding the case of Trayvon Martin. I know there are so many people right now who are in this position as it seems only humane to think that one mans who takes the life of a youth voluntarily, should be punished. And what gets me the most are the pictures of the final verdict and the smiles and look of utter glee on Zimmerman's face when he was found not guilty was just unbearable to look at. How cruel.

Jennifer x

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  2. that dress is so pretty! i really like the print! :D

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  3. Gorgeous items. I also love the name of your blog!

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